Huarun Paint Workers Protest in Guangdong (Jiangxi?)

05:30 Dec 15 2012 China, Foshan, Shunde, 顺德 邮政编码: 528308

[I cannot find the Jiangxi Huarun plant mentioned here and have therefore listed the action as occurring at the Huarun HQ in Shunde, Guangdong. Morevoer, because Huarun is now a subsidiary of Valspar, I have listed it as a foreign or joint-venture firm.]

From CLB:

Jiangxi Huarun Paint workers protest against wage arrears

Full Story: http://weibo.com/3186188337/z9TKQ4eBs

Date: 15-DEC-2012

Location: Jiangxi

Participants: 1-100

Employer: 华润漆

Enterprise Type: Private Enterprise

Industry: Manufacturing

Employee Demands Relate To: Wage arrears

Worker Actions Include: Protests and demonstrations
Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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