Citing China Strikes

Anyone is welcome to draw on the data here in China Strikes, provided the website is properly cited.  Please use the following citation format or some variation that includes these elements:

Elfstrom, Manfred. 2017. China Strikes [Computer File]. Available at:

Take note, though, of the limitations of the data: this is by no means a comprehensive list of strikes and protests by Chinese workers. Neither is the more up-tod-date China Labour Bulletin map. Estimates of the true number of incidents occurring per year reach into the tens of thousands. "Verified" reports are only verified as having occurred---specific details in the reports, which are drawn from a variety of sources, may be inaccurate.  

Most importantly: the site is continually updated.  Reports from past years are amended and even deleted as new information is discovered.  The most recent round of updates was completed in the summer of 2017. Thus, it is suggested that anyone using data from China Strikes note when they accessed the information.  

Please contact the site manager for a copy of the data.