Guangzhou Aries (Alei Siti) Auto Parts Corp. Workers Strike

19:17 Dec 27 2011 7号 Xinfeng Rd, Luogang, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

From BusinessWeek:

LG Display Co. factory workers in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing returned to work after the company agreed to double year-end bonuses, as a new protest reportedly broke out in a car parts plant in southern China.

More than 2,000 workers of the South Korean electronics company took part in a strike after their bonuses were cut to one-third of last year’s amount, Xinhua News Agency said today, citing Cheng Shijun, an official at the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, where the factory is located.

A separate protest also started over such payments at an auto parts factory in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou on Dec. 27, worker rights group China Labor Watch said in an e- mailed statement today.

China is seeking to alleviate social unrest and ordered all levels of governments to help needy people while maintaining social harmony ahead of New Year’s Day and the Chinese New Year after a two-week protest by residents of a southern Chinese village this month. Strikes, demonstrations and other protests in China doubled to at least 180,000 in 2010 from 2006, according to Sun Liping, a sociology professor at Beijing’s Tsinghua University.

At LG Display, the workers were unhappy about their year- end bonuses, equivalent to a monthly salary of 1,400 yuan ($221), Cheng was cited as saying by Xinhua. The report didn’t say what their bonuses have been raised to.

About 8,000 Chinese workers went on strike, and, a news website run by Tencent Holdings Ltd., reported yesterday. LG Display said in an e-mail that operations have returned to normal as employees returned beginning the night of Dec. 28 after an agreement was reached.

Toyota, Honda

Workers at Guangzhou Aries Auto Parts Corp., wholly owned by Japan’s Ahresty Corp. and whose clients include Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp., were unhappy over a reduction in year-end bonuses even as they had been made to work longer hours, China Labor Watch said.

An officer at Guangzhou Aries, who would only give her surname as Wang, declined to comment on whether there was a strike when contacted by phone. Calls to Ahresty, Honda and Toyota weren’t answered and their voicemails said they were closed for holidays.

From CLW:

On December 27, the year-end bonus cut triggered another strike, this time in Guangzhou, the biggest city in Guangdong Province in south China. Workers at the Guangzhou Alei Siti Auto Parts Corporation factory (广州阿雷斯提汽车零配​件有限公司)walked off their jobs against reductions in their year-end bonuses, even as they have been forced to work longer hours.

That was the state of the factory this Tuesday, when workers at the Guangzhou Alei Siti Auto Parts Company’s Guangzhou factory completely stopped production. According to workers on site, factory management requested on Wednesday that workers to return to work, a demand the workers refused. The factory then sent a representative to the strikers in the afternoon asking them to sign leave requests if they were not going back to work. The work stoppage is ongoing. As of yet, there have been no reports of violence in connection with these events and additionally, no worker representatives have raised banners or other visible signs of protest in the factory district.

The proximate cause of the strike was the reduction in year-end bonuses from the previous year’s twice the workers’ base salaries to 1.5 times the workers’ base salaries this year. This, despite the fact that inflation has increased the cost of living everywhere in China. Management claimed that its decision to reduce the bonus was due to the Japanese earthquake reducing demand for production. However, the workers dispute this, as they believe this past year’s production orders have been roughly the same as they were in 2010.

However, there was another long-standing grievance that workers had with the factory, and that was their long working hours. Workers are currently working 12-hour workdays, forcing them to work about 50 hours of overtime every month.

The factory experienced another strike this April over low salaries. In the end, the management responded by increasing monthly salaries by 300 RMB (about $47) and granting the workers who went on strike the ability to return to their jobs. Workers can now expect to make about 3,300 RMB (about $522) a month.

The factory was founded in August, 2008. The factory started making unsophisticated, partly-finished parts for cars and motorcycles along with molds for motorcycle casings but recently it has branched into making and servicing more technologically sophisticated auto parts. It is currently divided into 5 factory districts, and has approximately 1500 employees. Principal clients of the factory include Honda, Toyota, Dongfeng-Nissan and Suzuki.

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From Zhongguo Laodongzhe Lianmeng:



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答: 是。
问: 罢工多少天?
问: 原因为何?
答: 具体我也不清楚。
问: 今天恢复正常没有?
答: 恢复了。工人都复工了。

另一名员工表示,去年的年终奖有两倍。她说: “我听同事说去年是挺好的,不只为何今年这样。去年效益好,年终奖有两倍。”









该工司一名员工表示工人周五已复工,亦透露公司近日实行两班制。她说: “工人已全部复工,其他情况我不方便说。问:是否最近实行两班制?答:是。但具体我不清楚。”

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