Workers Strike Against NVC Lighting in Chongqing

19:20 Jul 13 2012 Chongqing, China

Workers Strike Against NVC Lighting in Chongqing

NVC board of directors did not respond to the demands of the employees, NVC Chongqing headquarters, the Wanzhou factory, Huizhou factory today to continue the strike. Staff, said before the board of directors did not return, will always strike in the end.

NVC spokesman Shi Yongjun to NetEase said, the company's management and employees and dealers with more communication, but with little success, the employees do not agree to return to work, then only look at high-level communication.

It is understood that the founder of NVC Wu Changjiang, in the evening of July 12, arrived in Chongqing, and plans to NVC non-executive director at the weekend, Schneider, president of China Zhu Hai and SAIF founding partner Yan Yan, the current chairman of NVC meetings, but the progress of the negotiations, has not made public.

The NetEase trying to contact Chang-Jiang Wu and Yan Yan to comment, but the two sides phones are unable to access.

NVC staff strike one called "support NVC users on the microblogging live, its addition to the release of photos of the NVC's production base to strike, and also announced a number of dealers dynamic photo display, Ray Guests also dealer stores hoisted the banner of "support tread the return".

July 12, a number of dealers participate in the closed-door meeting with employers SAIF Yan Yan and Schneider, in addition to the expression regression Wu Changjiang, the layman could not lead expert aspirations, two dealers on behalf of the Board.

The demands of the employees of four points: first, the reorganization of the board of directors; Second, to strive for more employee stock options; let Wu Changjiang Back to the NVC work as soon as possible; fourth, Schneider exit NVC.

Employees for strike action, Wu Changjiang, the 13th meeting of communication in several media, including Netease, employees, distributors through normal channels to resolve, do not wish to adopt radical measures. Adding that hope for minority shareholders, for the sake of employees to solve the problem, rather than to vent personal personal anger.



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