Workers at Guangzhou Murata Power Solutions Limited (Cuntian Dianyuan Jushu) Strike in Guangzhou

21:07 Jun 14 2012 广州经济技术开发区交通管理总站 Qingnian Rd, Luogang, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510730

From CLB:

Even workers on a higher rate are now striking for better pay. Workers at another Japanese-owned electronics factory in Guangzhou were offered a pay increase from 1,350 yuan to 1,500 yuan a month on 1 June, but around 1,000 employees still went out on strike on 14 June demanding higher pay. The workers said rapidly increasing consumer prices had already eroded much of the offered pay rise. Workers and management held formal talks to resolve the issue on 18 June.







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