Workers at China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp. Protest in Guizhou

17:32 Mar 27 2012 Guizhou China

From WSWS:

With the CCP regime pushing through a further restructuring of the state-owned sector, partly in an attempt to keep the economy growing, labour unrest is spreading into some of the most strategic military industries directly controlled by the Beijing government.

Late last month, there was a violent three-day protest by workers at a rocket factory operated by the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp (CASIC) in Guizhou province. The base produces components for China’s “Divine Vessels” manned spacecraft as well as long- and medium-range ballistic missiles. These include DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles, which are widely regarded as one of China’s key military weapons.

According to the Hong Kong-based Human Rights and Democracy Information Centre, nearly 1,000 workers demonstrated and blocked roads for three days from March 27, clashing with large numbers of police sent to disperse them. More than ten workers were injured. Workers were angered at the lack of housing assistance, being forced to pay for overpriced apartments, while government housing allowances were paid only to technical specialists.
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