Xinghuo Pharmaceuticals Workers Protest in Datong, Shanxi

13:53 May 20 2010 Datong Shanxi

From Marxism Leninism Today:

In Datong City (Shanxi Province), the state-owned enterprise Xinghuo Pharmaceutical Company was forced into bankruptcy and its laid-off workers had their numerous petitions refused. Following this, over 10,000 people staged a sit-in at the municipal government building; some of them were beaten up by armed police.

From CLB:

20 May 2010: The Datong municipal government mobilized the police, the armed police and city management staff to disperse around 10,000 workers and family members from Xinghuo Pharmaceuticals. They were blocking the streets in protest at the government‘s decision to bankrupt the plant, giving workers just 15,000 yuan in compensation. More than 30 workers were injured in the ensuing conflict. The Datong Public Security Bureau later sentenced three workers to ten days detention and fined them 12,000 yuan each on the grounds of organising and instigating workers to illegally block traffic on city streets for three consecutive days, seriously affecting the normal work of government bureaus.
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