Luohe, Henan Taxi Drivers Strike

12:38 Nov 1 2011 河南漯河市

Luohe, Henan Taxi Drivers Strike Luohe, Henan Taxi Drivers Strike Luohe, Henan Taxi Drivers Strike Luohe, Henan Taxi Drivers Strike

About 1,000 cab drivers went on strike on Tuesday in central China's Henan Province to boycott unauthorized cabs, local police said.

The strike, which started at noon in the city of Luohe, was still underway as of 8:20 p.m., according to a police officer from the city's public security bureau.

Local cabbies have destroyed several illegal cabs during their strike, hoping to arouse the attention of the local government, the officer said.

The illegal cabs have been accused of operating without a legal permit, which usually costs 200,000 yuan (31,500 U.S. dollars) to acquire, several of the striking drivers said.

The city saw a similar strike in February, with 200 cabbies protesting against the illegal cabs.

The city has about 1,100 legal cabs, according to local government data.



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