Yacheng Electronics Strike in Huizhou

10:51 Jun 7 2010 Zhongkai High-tech Industrial Development Zone Huizhou Guangdong

From Hong Kong Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy:

This Centre has learned that more than 2,000 workers of the Hanzi Electronics Factory's "Yacheng Electronics Factory," located in the Zhongkai High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Huizhou, went on strike en masse today following several fruitless rounds of consultation with management over low wages and frequent overtime. Most of the factory's production is contracted finished and semi-finished items for a certain well-known South Korean brand name, so this strike will have some affect on the production of those items. Another incident erupted on 6 June when 10,000 striking workers of the "Meilu Electronics Factory" in Dalang, Shenzhen, blocked roads and clashed with police. In April, that factory pledged to increase base pay for basic workers from 900 RMB to 1,050 RMB, but so far it has not fulfilled the pledge. After Honda and Foxconn announced they were increasing base pay for their basic workers to 1,200 RMB, Meilu's workers refused to work overtime on Sunday 6 June and blocked Dalang Street in the Longhua area of Shenzhen. Authorities mobilized more than 200 Public Security personnel, and yesterday afternoon violent clashes occurred when they drove the workers off the street. The number of workers injured is not known at present. The Meilu workers say there will be more strikes if their pay does not reach the standard of Foxconn and Honda.
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