Suizhou Taxi Drivers Strike

13:28 Nov 24 2008 Suizhou Hubei Province China

From Tibetan Review:

Hundreds of taxi drivers went on strike on Nov 24 in Suizhou city in Hubei province in central China, angry over a new government-imposed license fee, reported AP Nov 24, citing local drivers and China-based The Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch. None of the city’s 550 licensed taxis were running on the roads, the report cited a government notice as saying. The Suizhou government had announced the week before that taxi drivers would have to pay a fee of 4,000 yuan (S$250) before the end of the year to keep their taxi license or it will be confiscated, the report cited the Suizhou Daily newspaper as saying. “The fee is a bit too much because our business hasn't been great, the market is poorly managed,” a driver surnamed Zhang was quoted as saying.

From other sources:

The government backed down on the licensing policy.
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