Pedicab Drivers Protest in Changchun, Jilin

19:12 Nov 27 2006 Changchun, 农安县, Changchun City, Jilin, People's Republic of China

From CLB:

In November 2006, as part of its campaign to improve the urban environment in preparation for the Asian Winter Games, the northeastern city of Changchun banned unlicensed motorized pedicabs from entering the city. Most unlicensed pedicab operators
were laid-off workers who could not afford to pay the license fee. On November 27, about 300 pedicab operators staged a sit-in demonstration at the gates of the Shuangyang district government in Changchun, contending that before the government banned the pedicabs, it should have made appropriate arrangements for the employment and placement of laid-off workers.

[Note: CLB lists this incident in the restructuring section of its report, but because the drivers's complaints do not directly relate to restructuring, I am not coding them as "restructuring"].
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