Foxconn Workers Riot in Chengdu, Sichuan

21:17 Jun 4 2012 Chengdu, Sichuan, China

A recent riot at a Foxconn facility in Chengdu has been explained differently in different accounts. In one, the core issues were low salaries and poor dormitory conditions, though mistreatment by guards was the spark.








Other accounts have emphasized a dispute with a local restaurant, which would put the conflict outside of this website's usual focus.

For example, from CNN:

A dispute involving workers sparked a riot at an employee dormitory in China that makes products for companies including Apple, a Taiwanese news site reported Thursday.

There are differing accounts of the Monday incident.

The Want China Times reported that as many as 1,000 workers a Foxconn plant in Chengdu threw trash, chairs, bottles and destroyed public facilities in a fracas that lasted two hours. The clash broke out at a male dormitory for Foxconn employees after workers hindered security guards who were trying to stop an alleged thief, the website said.

Foxconn, a Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer, described Monday's incident as a "disagreement." Local police were called to restore order, it said in a statement received by CNN.

A website affiliated with the publicity department of the Sichuan province, where the incident occurred, stated that the riot was triggered by a disagreement between seven Foxconn workers and a restaurant owner.

Foxconn is one of Apple's biggest manufacturing partners and employs hundreds of thousands of people in China to build popular electronic products like the iPhone and iPad. It has been repeatedly dogged by reports of alleged poor treatment of its employees including hazardous working conditions, harassment of workers and harsh living conditions.

Foxconn said events began after several of its workers from the plant had a disagreement with a restaurant owner in Chengdu. The disgruntled workers returned to their dormitory, "at which time a number of other residents also became involved in the disagreement and local police were called to the scene to restore order," the company added. The statement did not clarify with whom the workers had a conflict.

"Foxconn is cooperating with local law enforcement authorities on their investigation into this incident," the company stated.

The company also noted that the dormitory where the incident occurred was "owned and managed by third-party companies."

A publicity website for the Sichuan province stated that seven Foxconn workers affected by alcohol argued with a restaurant owner and began damaging the restaurant, which was reported by the China Daily.

Police were called and the workers fled to their dormitory, shouting "They are beating us," which triggered the riot involving about 100 workers, according to the statement. The provincial government said that no one was injured during the incident.


视频简介: 6月7日上午,媒体称富士康成都工厂的集体宿舍4日晚发生骚乱,涉及上千人,并有多人受伤及被捕.成都警方通报调查结果称,4日晚,成都富士康7名员工酒后砸坏餐馆物品,一在场人员报警后,7人边喊“打人了”边跑向公寓,引发百名左右员工起哄抛掷杂物. 四川新闻网成都6月7日讯富士康再次成为网友讨论的焦点!今天(7日)上午,有媒体报道称,富士康成都工厂的集体宿舍6月4日晚上爆发骚乱,涉及上千人,并有多人受伤、十余人被捕. 今天中午13:30分,成都高新公安分局通过微博通报了调查结果:6月4日晚,成都富士康员工杨帆等7人在附近餐馆吃饭,因嫌老板夫妻争吵很烦,遂借酒劲砸坏餐馆物品,与老板发生争执.一在场人员报警后,7人遂边喊“打人了”边跑向公寓,引发员工100人左右起哄和抛掷杂物.警方当晚留置酗酒滋事人员4名,经批评教育后于次日早上送回公寓.事件过程无人受伤.


据台湾媒体报道,本周一晚上,数百名富士康工人在四川成都厂区与保安发生冲突,有些人乘机利用此事发泄不满。 据报道,在接到富士康报警后,警方赶到现场制止了冲突,并逮捕了数十人。



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