Bus Drivers Strike Over Beating Death in Tangshan, Hebei Province

21:55 Sep 22 2008 Tangshan, Hebei, China

Bus Drivers Strike Over Beating Death in Tangshan, Hebei Province
From ChinaSMACK:

Tangshan #14 Bus driver beaten to death, entire bus company refuses to drive demanding justice

On the morning of September 22nd, at around 10 am, the driver of the route# 14 bus based in Tangshan ran into a dispute (possible fender bender) with a driver of a Toyota Prado SUV. There were 3 people aboard the SUV, two men and one woman. The two men then proceeded to beat the bus driver leading him to die while en route to the hospital…

From Huan Bo Hai News:

At 11 am on September 22nd, Tangshan Public Transit driver by the surname of Zhao was driving 14th route bus from the south of Yan Tang Feng Road north toward Fengrun District. While stopping at a bus stop, Zhao ran into conflict with a driver of a Toyota Prado SUV named Ding Hui, Ding proceeded to beat Zhao in the face with his fists, and left the scene shortly afterwards. Zhao died in the hospital of his injuries after failing to resuscitate him.

After the incident, the Tangshan Public Security Bureau immediately instructed the local department to fully investigate this case. At 3 pm that day, the suspect Ding Hui turned himself in to police authorities.

Presently, the suspected attacker Ding Hui is under police custody. This case is pending further investigations.

Comments on Tianya:

Forget it. Just let the assailants drink 20 bags of Sanlu a day

Those two are trash, they deserve punishment.

But what happened to all the passengers on the bus, why didn’t they step up to help? Watching someone get beaten to death in front of them, does this society still have righteousness?

Are people of today all numb, even a major disaster can’t wake them up, this society really need heroes.

China today have too many of these local bullies, we must severely penalize them, punish these trash of society.

What are the bystanders all doing??

Severely punish those responsible!!

Motherfuckers, is there still justice!

According to Northeasterner’s logic, the driver must have started cursing.

I frequently ride the #14 route, can’t believe there can be such a shocking news! what is up to people today? especially rich people, the rich should have more responsibility in society, request the government to severely punish those assailants!

This society is really harmonious.

Comments on Baidu’s ‘Tangshan’ Bar:

Human flesh search these bastards out.

Compensate for loss of life. death sentence!

Tangshan people have money but very low personal character, so low that even children are not sacred in their eyes.

The attackers must face responsibility! Just because you have money doesn’t mean you are above the law! Bus drivers must reexamine themselves! Buses are not special privilege vehicle! Some bus drivers have low personal character!

When I watch gangster movies I feel is too fake, but today I saw the horrors of reality, I think these people didn’t do it on impulse, they must have prior thoughts. We must fully investigate and punish accordingly, return to the people the sense of safety in society.

Doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, a king who commits a crime should suffer the same fate as the common man, do what must be done. Punish severely!

Those two trash, when they leave home dogs will bite them to death, at home their mothers will be raped and killed, these brutal scum, lose face for us Tangshan folks!

Where is the Tangshan media?

This is only 15 days after the Wuhan beating, we must treat this seriously, just because you are driving a Prado doesn’t mean you can do whatever, is there still justice?

Note from Fauna:

Many people complained that the Tangshan media suspiciously did not report this incident for at least 24 hours and that many posts or articles about this incident have been deleted on the internet, especially on Baidu. Other than some posts on Baidu’s “Post Bar,” there do not seem to be many/any other search results. Some have also said that the moderators on the Tangshan section of Baidu’s “Post Bar,” “Tangshan Bar,” have been deleting most posts. Joe wrote to me:

Yes, I wrote the post as the story was developing, however it was a bit frustrating translating as the posts were deleted.

The Tangshan route 14 bus drivers are refusing to drive because they are afraid that the killers might not be punished, maybe because they have money or guanxi (relationships/connections).
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