Hailiang Storage (Hitachi) Workers Strike in Shenzhen

19:11 Dec 4 2011 Shenzhen

From AFP:

Hundreds of workers protested for a fifth straight day on Thursday at a Japanese plant in southern China, a company official said, in the latest labour unrest in the country's manufacturing hub.

Nearly 1,000 workers have downed tools since Sunday at disk drive maker Hailiang Storage Products Co, blocking the entrance and accusing bosses of "bullying" Chinese workers, state media and a rights group said.

The factory in the southern city of Shenzhen is operated by Japan's Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, which is in the process of being taken over by US firm Western Digital.

Workers, who fear the acquisition will result in lower wages, hoisted banners saying "We also know our rights" and "Japanese companies shamelessly bully Chinese workers", said US-based China Labor Watch.

The company official, who declined to be named, told AFP that talks to resolve the strike were continuing.

Since November, thousands of workers in factories in southern China and elsewhere have gone on strike, protesting over low salaries, wage cuts and poor conditions as companies cut back amid the global economic slowdown.

Labour activists say authorities in China appear to be more sympathetic to grievances against factories funded by foreign companies or overseas Chinese investors from Hong Kong and Taiwan than domestically-owned plants.

Another two-week strike in November by nearly 1,000 workers over rest breaks and salaries paralysed a Shenzhen factory in which Japanese watchmaker Citizen has a stake.

The strike ended after factory bosses agreed to give workers 70 percent of their normal hourly rate for rest breaks.

At a Shenzhen factory owned by Hong Kong women's underwear maker Top Form International, hundreds of workers refused to return to their sewing machines for several days last month over overtime pay.

Production resumed after the factory paid every worker 1,000 yuan ($157).

From Xinhua:

新华网深圳12月7日电 深圳一家日资企业近千名工人从12月4日晚上11点开始罢工聚集,其中数百名员工从5日早晨起围堵在厂办公楼门前和楼梯间,并派出代表与厂方谈判,至今没结果。厂方表示,已在政府部门与上级工会的协调下正在与员工代表协商,并已就此事向总部汇报相关情况,以期尽快对员工诉求做出回应。






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